About Us


Armatic Engineering was Established in 1968. We are ISO Certified Leading designers of custom-built material handling equipment in India having expertise in design and innovation of new products. We mainly cater to Steel Industry

The company's major focus has been custom engineering products to meet the specific and unique requirements of our customers. We manufactures custom-designed, heavy duty material handling equipment including Coil Handling Equipments, Transfer Cars, Slab, Ingot, Billet, Bloom Tongs, Up-down enders (tilters),rotators, Electro-hydraulic Cactus and rope grabs, Sheet pack & plate lifters, Spreader Beams, Truck mounted hydraulic cranes etc

We have a Capacity to built equipments upto 120Ton, & design upto a capacity of 180Ton

Armatic has built its reputation and success by responding to customer needs. This requires attention to the customer's application, maintaining a reasonable cost structure, as well as focusing on the design and manufacturing processes.

We have exports to Italy, Malaysia, Indonesia, China, Vietnam, Australia, Dubai, Turkey, Nepal, Germany, Ethopia, Pakistan ec.